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Couple Therapy Session

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Instructions for New Clients:

  • Complete Demographic Info
    • Address, Date of Birth, & Gender are REQUIRED
    • Use the gender on file with your insurance company
    • Your preferred name & pronouns will be used by our staff
    • Click "Save Demographic Info"
  • Enter your Profile Details
    • Click on arrow in upper right corner and click "Profile"
    • Name & Phone Number are REQUIRED
    • Click "Save Profile"
  • Complete Insurance & Billing 
    • Click on "Add Insurance" to add insurance information
    • Use the "State ID" number if your card has this on it
    • Information for policyholder is REQUIRED
    • Save credit card information for future payments (optional)
    • Click "Save Changes"
  • Read & Sign Intake Forms
    • Clients 14 & older must sign 
    • All boxes must be checked for Acknowledgments
    • Remember to click "Sign and Submit" at the bottom
    • Skip the Group Contracts if you are not joining a group


Please contact your therapist if you have any questions while completing this information